Needed: School Bag Supplies

Kids just got out of school for the summer, but, knowing retailers, back-to-school sales will start soon. We have some lovely, hand-made school bags that need filling, before we send them off to “Gifts from the Heart” to be delivered to children in need. This year we are not including the spiral notebooks, since they add so much to the weight and therefore the postage. (We will send a check, so that they can be added after they get to Arkansas.)

What we do need for each bag are the following:

1 — 30-centimeter ruler (12″)

1 — hand-held pencil sharpener

6 — new pencils with erasers

1 — large eraser

1 — box of 24 crayons

If you’re able to sew some bags for us, your efforts would be greatly appreciated. They need to be a 12″ x 14″ to 14″ x 16″ finished size cotton cloth bag with cloth handles. Anyone on the Mission Committee would be glad to provide you with a pattern and instructions and kid-friendly cloth, if you need them.

School Bag

A box for the collection of school supplies and bags will be in the Deacon’s Room (old library) through September.

Holly K., Mission Chairperson



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