Elder Care and Abuse Awareness

On Sunday, May 21st the LCPC Deacons presented an Elder Care and Abuse Awareness program. The presenters were Pastor Sandy, Brenda Charles-Edwards and Ellis Weller-Walker. The “Family Caregiver Handbook” which includes topics on “Caregiving and Family relationships,” “Where to Turn When You Need Help” and “Financial Planning for Tomorrow” was made available. Pastor Sandy also passed out the form “Making Your Wishes Known” which will be used to keep the church office informed of your contact information and memorial wishes. There are copies of the handbook and the form in the church office.

Here are 2 ways you can prevent financial abuse. Next month I’ll address more:

Know the risk factors.

Social isolation and cognitive impairment are among the known risk factors for elder abuse. “Stay socially active   and engaged.” Social isolation increases the risk of becoming   a victim. If someone is isolating you from your friends, family or others in your community, seek help.

Don’t succumb to pressure.

Don’t let anyone rush or pressure you into signing a document, purchasing something, or giving away your money or property. “Take your time.” Consult with others. If you feel rushed or pressured to act, “don’t act.”   Instead, talk to others including trusted friends and family   members, your banker or attorney, or other professionals such as clergy members or social workers.”

Remember: You are in control! That’s why it’s  so important to make life decisions for yourself now!

See you next month and God Bless,



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