Spiritual Discernment

Dear Friends at LCPC:

This letter is nearly an exact repeat of the one I wrote for the August newsletter, because it is SO IMPORTANT that our entire congregation knows that this process of discernment is happening, and that EVERY ONE participates.

We are facing substantial questions about how to maintain our future viability as a congregation, even as we celebrate receiving 2 new members this month, a VBS with 90+ kids, and the security of a fully balanced budget for this year. These are strong signs of health, but we must also face the reality of our church demographics. Our financial future is heavily dependent on many members who are in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, which means there is a foreseeable endpoint to their ability to continue giving.

We learned this year that 4 families give 40% of our ministry budget. Only Judy Finn, our financial secretary knows who gives what in our congregation, but she provided us with this general information. We are deeply grateful for every single gift that sustains our ministry! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIVING! However, this single statistic must speak to us about our ability to sustain our current ministry for more than a few years.

So, now is the time for us to actively choose our future. There are many possibilities! Session recognizes that we need help listening to God and choosing well.    Other churches in the area have had surprising and life-giving results when they engaged a discernment process with Renewal Ministries so we’ve decided to enter one ourselves. We have invited Denise Easter and Dianna Kunce of Renewal Ministries NW to teach us a whole new set of skills which they call Spiritual Discernment: The art and practice of listening to God and choosing well.

Please plan to participate! The two dates for the whole congregation to meet are Saturday, September 23 and Saturday, October 28, approx. 9am – 3pm. Please plan to be here! The Deacons will provide a light lunch, and are also anticipating rides for those who need them, and the possibility that some can only sustain a half day of engagement.

Full of both hope and curiosity about what God is doing here in Lake City,

Pastor Sandy

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Celeste Funk Oglesby


Hi Pastor Sandy, my husband and I recently moved to the neighborhood. I can walk to your church in about 3 minutes. I was raised in the Catholic faith, but I have not recently been attending services. I do miss a faith community and wanted to reach out to you and ask if I could join a Sunday service? Sincerely, Celeste

Leena Prindle


Hi Celeste –
You are more than welcome to come worship at Lake City Presbyterian Church!
Worship begins at 10 a.m. in the sanctuary and the service is approximately 1 hour in length give or take a few minutes depending on what is planned for the day. Outside of responding through this comment I don’t have other contact information for you.
If you’d like more information please contact me (Leena Prindle) at DFF@lakecitypres.org or 206-369-5422. I will be happy to address any concerns you might have prior to worship, meet you at the door when you come to worship, and connect you with Pastor Sandy and others in our congregation.
Blessings to you as you discern your re-entering back into a faith community.
~Leena Prindle (Resource Director for Kids)

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