Mission Focus-North Helpline

The mission focus for November is North Seattle Helpline, located at McDermott Place. North Seattle Helpline began in 1989 and serves families in the north end, providing a wide range of services, including assistance with potential utility shut-off, emergency counseling, and clothing. In their own words…

“We believe that all deserve adequate food, housing, and respect. We assist our neighbors in obtaining basic needs that affirm their dignity and worth.”

North Helpline History
In 1989 North Helpline began as Emergency Services in response to the overwhelming amount of people in need that local churches regularly saw at their pantries. These churches were among North Helpline’s first supporters, referring clients and helping the organization get off the ground financially. A group from the local telephone company, the Telephone Pioneers, was also incredibly supportive to the young North Helpline including Louise Mannell who served as coordinator, and later would be interim director.

Determined to meet the needs of the community in a more efficient way, and inspired by the Queen Anne Helpline, the eight or so volunteers trained each other in how to provide emergency services counseling with help from the Queen Anne Helpline. The Emergency Services group at that time was able to provide financial assistance with utility shut off and eviction prevention. Emergency feeding bags were also available from the Emergency Feeding Program, but they often ran out. As time went on the volunteers added additional items for clients as they received more varied donations, including knit hats and gloves, and a limited amount of diapers and formula through the creation of the Baby Cupboard program.
In 2001 the Food Bank was added, and in 2010 we moved locations in Lake City to a brand new facility. The North Helpline of today remains volunteer-driven.

The area LCPC is most familiar with is the Food Bank, which we have supported for many years.

There are many, many opportunities to assist Helpline. They include volunteering, bringing non-perishable items to church for the food bank, making clothing donations, especially hats and gloves for winter, and, of course, your dollars. In the past, LCPC has bought turkeys and items for Helpline families’ Thanksgiving diners. In November this year, instead, we will be collecting money to buy turkeys for the food bank to distribute to needy families.

Another fun way of giving is by attending and donating at the Helpline concert at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Sunday, November 5 at 3:00pm. LCPC choir will be performing, along with choirs from many local churches. See you there!!

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