God’s Helpers

The name doesn’t do them justice!

Every Tuesday morning this group gathers each week at 8:30 am to do chores around the church. Yard work, roof repair, lighting upgrades, re-striping the parking lot – nothing seems to be beyond their reach. Professional expertise by some and hard work by all gets an amazing amount of maintenance done. It’s not ALL work, they do stop for donuts and coffee at 10:00am, but are back at it by 10:30am.

They even re-roofed the flat parts of our building last summer. You can learn a lot from this team, and they welcome any and all assistance.

You do not need to be an expert in facility maintenance or a professional landscaper to be involved in God’s Helpers. A willingness to work, a desire to help maintain our excellent facility is all that is needed.

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Get Involved

If you are interested in helping keep LCPC the best it can be, please contact Irv Kellenberger, our Facilities Manager (when he is not being our professional saxophone player).

He alternately directs, and is directed by this group, to keep our building in excellent condition..