Kids Ministry

“(Children have many opportunities) …to be around a lot of kids their own age. School, scouting, sports teams and other programs meet that social need well. What is rare in today’s society is the opportunity for different generations to mix and become one people in life and mission together…. Intergenerational small congregations offer a much-needed alternative that challenges everyone—younger, older and in-between—to love each other as neighbors.” (


This is the genius of the small church.

Kids are well known by lots of other people and get to participate in everything the church does. For example, one four year old sang “Away in a Manger” with his mom this Christmas, and their song was as welcome as the full choir cantata.

An eighth grader leads the melody line on his violin with the worship team. Teens learn to run the commercial dishwasher, and all of a sudden have marketable skills!

Many parents and grandparents have to bribe their kids to go home after church on Sundays because they are still playing together an hour after Sunday School ends.

Our older youth have activities that can adjust to their schedules rather than the other way around. They also tie into a much larger youth group called UNITE, made up of kids from Presbyterian churches throughout Seattle.

>> LCPC Childrens’ Sunday School

  • Winter Retreat 2013
  • Vacation Bible School 2016
  • Vacation Bible School 2016
  • Vacation Bible School 2016
  • Game Time
  • hands on learning
  • This is a fun chair
  • picnic time!

Get Involved

Sunday mornings are the best starting point for connecting kids to our church. Parents and younger kids generally sit up in the balcony for worship and will welcome you into the slightly chaotic fellowship up there. Teachers for all ages will help your kids to meet others during Sunday School. Families often informally gather outside the classrooms after worship. Parents hang out while the kids keep playing.

Program scheduling is flexible. Watch this site for age-specific events like youth retreats and Family Nights. Leena is the one who knows! Contact her with any questions.

About Leena

Our Director of Faith Formation, Leena Prindle, is a parent as well as a professional Christian educator. She brings years of experience to her leadership here, working full-time to nurture faith in kids, youth and adults at Lake City Presbyterian Church (LCPC). In addition to Leena, we also have a KidMin intern and a StuMin intern to engage creatively with all of our kids.