Looking for a Church in Lake City?

Connect with God


Presbyterians believe that God is way more eager to connect with us than we can ever imagine! All of
salvation history tells the story of God reaching towards humanity, to know us and love us and transform our lives. We respond with worship, learning about who God is and what God cares about, and then saying thank you. Worship happens here at 10am on Sunday mornings and then extends throughout the week as we recognize God seeking us at home, at work, at school and while we do the work of everyday life.

Connect with People

connect with people

Families matter here, even families of one. We don’t have a lot of programs, but deeply value each person who is here. Some simply worship quietly each week, which you are completely welcome to do. Others find that they have slowly built rich friendships, as the widowed find one another for companionship, or parents find trustworthy playdates for their kids, or youth connect with kids throughout the Seattle area for fun and fellowship. Do you need people more than you need another program? This is the right place for you.

Connect with the Community


Founded to reach out to those loggers who lived way out on the northern edge of Lake Washington, this church has always been about serving our community. Long gone are the pioneers who tamed the trees and built vacation homes on the beach. Now, we serve the new pioneers, like immigrants whose kids need extra support to succeed in school, or senior citizens who downsize into the SHAG housing in Lake City. Practical, personal service parallels giving opportunities to extend mercy to those devastated by disaster.