LCPC Spiritual Discernment

The next congregational gathering is Saturday, October 28, 9am – 3pm. We will continue the process of prayerfully discerning what our future will hold. There are many possibilities open to us as we consider our future viability, and EVERYONE’S voice needs to be heard. Please plan to be there! The Deacons will provide a light …

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Do you have a use for a church pew?

We have 7 we need to find a home for – with so much activity in the building—we need more free flowing space. So, here is your opportunity to get an   authentic (maybe one you sat on) church pew. They come in 10 and 12 foot lengths— and are made of solid oak. Interested? Call: …

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October Newsletter

Want more LCPC news?  You might enjoy reading our LCPC monthly Newsletter.  If you wish to include an article in an upcoming issue, contact Kathy Babinec at  The deadline for turning in articles is the 15th of each month.

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