Presbyterian Women

Wednesday mornings “belong” to Presbyterian Women, with opportunities to connect for Bible study, book group, and varied programs offered each month. Serving the church in countless ways, from equipping the kitchen, to hosting receptions to remembering birthdays, the Presbyterian Women are integral to the life of the church.

They invest in our community’s families and children through things as practical as diaper drives for the Lake City Family Center. Fundraising for global mission benefits the church as well since it often involves a bake sale. Some of us compete for the gluten free treats! Mother’s Day card sales fund mosquito netting for kids in danger of malaria, and give the rest of us a chance to do some good with money we are going to spend anyway.

A faithful fellowship of strong women, the PW does its own “disproportionate amount of good”!


Purpose of Presbyterian Women

Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ,
And empowered by the Holy Spirit,
we commit ourselves:
to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,
to support the mission of the church worldwide,
to work for justice and peace, and
to build an inclusive, caring community of women that
strengthens the Presbyterian Church (USA) and
witnesses to the promise of God’s Kingdom.

Get Involved

PW Monthly Meeting Schedule, September to May

  • First Wednesday: Coordinating Team meets in the office conference room, 10am
  • Second Wednesday: A morning Bible study, in the office conference room at 10am. Rachel Circle meets for sack lunch and Bible study in the Fellowship Hall at noon.
  • Third Wednesday: Book Club, in the office conference room, 10am
  • Fourth Wednesday: All Presbyterian Women gather in Fellowship Hall for a meal and a program, usually at 10am. Exceptions are announced in the newsletter, bulletin & on this website.

Contact PW moderator Sally McClure for more information by leaving us message, either with our contact form or at the church office, 206-362-6878.