Nehemiah: Discerning Direction

Continuing our study of Nehemiah, today heard a little about what guided Nehemiah as he took on such a seemingly impossible task.   Follow along with Pastor Sandy’s sermon slides while you listen to the link below.   Sermon Slides Here:

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The Joy Would Not End- A Poem by Rev. George Pasley

If you missed our breakfast service on January 1st, we’re going to be honest, you missed out on a great time! We had such  fun together in the fellowship hall eating delicious breakfast pastries and sipping coffee while Pastor Sandy helped us all find our JOY on the first day of a new year reading text in …

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Whole-Hearted Work

Join us in this 2nd week of Advent as we study Nehemiah 2:1 – 3:18; 4:6. Pastor Sandy Hackett charges us move past what we’ve dreamed and hoped for,  to accept the results of our whole hearted work and rejoice as God continues to work.   Listen to the sermon and follow along with the …

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