We believe that everyone who comes to worship at LCPC has been drawn here by God, whether they’ve been attending for years or just walked in the door. None of us are here by accident. We come in response to the God who continually seeks each one of us, inviting us to hear and respond to the grace and truth offered to us in Christ.

Our services provide a focused opportunity to pay attention to God. We are more of a “resonate with deep notes on the organ” church than a “blast you out of your chair with loud drums” sort of church. We find God speaking to us in traditional prayers and hymns, through a choir, and in monthly celebrations of the Lord’s Supper. Sermons explore Biblical books or narratives, teaching ancient texts with contemporary significance. Kids join us in worship, leaving for Sunday School after sharing in singing and prayers.


Everyone is welcome to sing with the choir. Our talented organist/music director, Kathy Barnett, will coach you towards growth as a musician, whether you are a new singer or you’ve been singing for years. The choir sings a wide variety of music, leading the congregation three weeks out of each month. The congregation sings both praise music and hymns, led by organ, piano and guitar. In addition, music-geek parents have organized a Kid’s Choir, and instrumentalists of all ages are invited to play for our services. Professional saxophone players play right alongside beginning violinists and make wonderful music!

Frequently Asked Questions

Going to a new church can feel like joining a team when the game is already in play, or taking up a new hobby that has its own vocabulary. Here’s some information:

1. When/where are your services?

We have one service, Sundays at 10am. The final Sunday of each month, we meet around tables in the Fellowship Hall. Other weeks, we gather in the sanctuary. You are always welcome! Come on in and join in the prayers and singing when you are comfortable doing so. The words are on a screen up front. Or, just listen in for as long as you like.

2. What should I wear?

Anything you are comfortable in. For some, that means a suit or dress. For many others, it means jeans and a sweater.

3. What do kids do on Sunday mornings?

Very young kids are welcomed into our bright new nursery. Preschool kids through middle school come into worship with their parents for the first 20 minutes or so, sharing in singing and prayers and a focused Time for Young Disciples. High school kids have a round-table discussion over breakfast most Sunday mornings.

All kids are welcome to remain in worship, and all parents are welcome to go to Sunday School if your kids want you check it out with them.

4. What and when is Communion?

On the first Sunday of the month, everyone in the room is invited to share in the Christian sacrament of communion. We each eat a small wafer of bread, and drink a tiny cup of grape juice as a way of remembering Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.